Training Programs Designed to Increase “Soft Skills/People Skills”
for Your Key Leaders, Staff and Teams.

Performance With Purpose

Each of us has innate qualities that we use to move us through situations or circumstances that seem doubtful. These qualities keep us focused, energized, and allow us to be fully engaged with our dreams, goals and team players. When we share them with others, we make a difference in their lives as well as our own. Come learn what your personal points of power are.

Powerful Teams Promote Communication and Teamwork

Participants will identify and deal with self-limiting individual and group talk, a major obstacle to peak performance in work and life. The quality of your relationships at work comes out of the quality of your dialogues and conversations. High impact conversations open up possibilities and lead to results. Discover how to communicate best when it matters most.

Empowered People who Empower Teams!

Participants will have the opportunity to discover the unique qualities that they bring to their team, their own personal keys to excellence. When demonstrated in the important work that each member contributes to the team, the team can discover & appreciate the strength and power that is unique to the team members and the team.

The 5 Secret Stages of a Project

At some point every idea, dream or goal turns into a project. A project has a beginning, middle and end-point, no matter how long it lasts…..days, weeks or months. But whatever the subject or duration, there are five distinct stages in every project, and each one has it’s opportunities and pitfalls. Come learn the specific energy requirements of each stage, from lift-off to breakthrough, and how to successfully bring your project into reality.

From Inspiration to Outcome:Tools For Your Success

Where do you find inspiration to keep your vision of personal success alive? Specific tools and skills will be taught that can be used to deal with the unpredictability and constant change that occurs in life in order to keep “on track” with your personal and professional dreams.

Coaching For Employee Excellence

Coaching your employees to excellence requires a clear understanding of what coaching is and what coaching is not. Learn what a coach knows about people. and what an effective coach does to support and empower their staff.

The above programs are delivered in 2 to 4 hour sessions dependent upon your needs.

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