Soft Skill Training

Are you getting the results you want from your staff/employees?
Are they showing up as supportive and enthusiastic team players?
Are they equipped to deal with the change and complexity that is ever present in the workplace?

We all belong to a variety of teams — business, work, leadership, project management, volunteer; even family members form teams within the family unit. No matter what our role in the team, members need to know that their contribution to the team is making a difference. Soft skill training will provide team members the tools needed to make that happen.

Research shows that training alone is 22% effective. Coaching paired with training increases effectiveness to 88%.

At Coaching Dimensions, soft skill training is paired with coaching. This approach increases resiliency, effectiveness, teamwork, and productivity. Teams learn how to quickly adapt to the ever shifting workplace and do it with a sense of purpose, focus and fewer struggles. Coaching is focused on what is proactive and optimistic. It operates on the premise that people are most satisfied when they are learning and developing themselves and their skills. This happens most easily when they are in supportive relationships with others who are coping with the same circumstances.

Soft skill training is about development, action and results.

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Benefits include:

  • Greater clarity, understanding and openness to communications between individuals and within teams.
  • Effective demonstration of the business’s mission, vision and values.
  • An opportunity for team members to identify their core strengths and the unique contribution they bring to the team and business.
  • A framework/structure from which individuals can clearly see the current situation and focus appropriate action to produce the intended results.
  • The ability to identify self limiting internal dialogue and then shift to productive thoughts/behaviors.
  • More efficient use of your business’s time and resources.
  • A greater sense of contribution and investment in the business by staff.
  • Defined goals and projects and a clear plan to achieve them.
  • Increases Emotional Intelligence (EQ)