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Work Life Balance Simplified

Many of us have been successful in attaining personal and professional goals, but we’re too exhausted to enjoy what we’ve accomplished. Life can be a balancing act and at times it’s difficult to prioritize what’s really important to you. According to Webster’s dictionary, balance is “ a state in which various elements form a satisfying and harmonious whole and nothing is out of proportion or unduly emphasized at the expense of the rest.”

  • Attend this workshop and you will learn:
    A New Way to Look at Work Life Balance That Really Works.
    Two Simple Tools You Must Have In Order to Get The Outcomes You Want.
    The Success Principles That Keep You On Track So You can Accomplish What is Most Important to You Each day.
    How to bring balance, satisfaction and fulfillment in to your life.

The 5 Secret Stages of Success

Success requires us to dream, vision and create goals. In order to be successful and keep “on track” with your personal and professional dreams and goals, you must understand the opportunities and pitfalls that occur during each stage of the game, from lift off to breakthrough.

Attend this workshop and you will learn:

  • A new definition of success, one that you can act upon immediately.
  • The primary obstacles that get in the way of your success.
  • How to successfully move your idea, dream or vision into Reality.
  • The innate qualities that you can use to move you through situations or circumstances that seem doubtful.
  • Specific tools and skills  that can be used to deal with the unpredictability and constant change that occurs in life.
  • How to bring clarity, focus, ease and grace to your success.

Energy Efficiency

Learning how to direct and focus our time, money, physical vitality and relationships wakes us up to the inherent power we’ve been given so we can live an “intentionally” satisfying and coherent life whether at work or at play.

Attend this workshop and you will learn:

  • The #1 Mistake that Men and Women Make That Drains Their Energy and Makes Life Harder than it Needs to be.
  • The 3 Signs You’re Wasting Your Energy
  • How to Focus Your Energy Precisely Where it’s Needed
  • Why Doing More Often Produces Less.

 Seeing The Best In Others

We all have conclusions about people. Some are empowering and supportive and some are not. These conclusions impact the quality of our relationships, our conversations, and our interactions with people. High impact conversations open up possibilities and can lead to excellent, sometimes even extraordinary results. Discover how to communicate best when it matters most.


Unleashing Your Extraordinary Vision

Would it be all right to live an Extraordinary Life instead of a mediocre life? In order to have an Extraordinary Life you must have an Extraordinary Vision. A vision is a mental image of the life you would love to live. You have a vision for your life that lives with in you and wants to be unleashed.

Attend this workshop and you will:

  • Lean why a Vision is critical to your Success.
  • Create a personal vision for the life you would love to live!
  • Learn the difference between a Personal vision and a Vision Board.
  • Receive a Simple 4 Step System to Make It Happen.   

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