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Personal and Professional Development Seminars for Meetings, Conferences, and Conventions

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“Learn how to produce extraordinary results in less time,with less effort.”

A highly-skilled speaker, workshop presenter and successful business owner, Kris inspires and empowers people to reach their personal and professional goals.  As a result of her heartfelt and engaging seminars, people experience a stronger sense of who they are, begin to take action on what truly matters to them, and produce extraordinary results in less time with less effort.

Any time people start creating something new or different, be it personally or professionally, it’s a journey that takes courage, heart and wisdom.  Kris invites you to discover the difference her seminars have to offer!

Kris’ Seminars are custom designed to fit your organization’s needs. Topics include:

  • Your Blueprint for Personal Success.
  • Achieving Work/Life Balance.
  • Women Who Step up Up To Success.
  • Are You Successful, Talented and Exhausted?
  • From Inspiration to Outcome: Tools For Your Success.

Life Coach and Speaker, Kris Thaller has more than 30 years of impressive presentation and training credentials. Credits include The National Conference of Aging in Washington, D.C, The Nebraska Mortgage Association Conference, Lincoln Area Agency on Aging, Big Brothers Big Sisters Heartland Chapter, Licensed Practical Nurses Association of Nebraska and many more.

Nebraska Education Office Professionals Association Conference Attendees”Very beneficial information, told her story but modeled what she was telling us about.”
“Very informative; thoroughly enjoyed this workshop – gave me a different view of what a goal is. She is an excellent motivator!”

“I have taken so much of her talk back with me to use in my daily life; very engaging, knowledgeable, great motivation!” “Really need our entire team to hear this.”

“Came away with a new way to look at goals & life and how to make it easier to attain goals; excellent learning experience; she was very energetic and great to listen to – helped me see where & why some things are not getting done”

“Kris was very informative as well as interesting, time passed very quickly in her session.” “Thought this was one of the best we’ve had that you can use at work & in personal life.” “Very personable – good workshop & good handouts.” “New way to look at “old” problems; awesome & informative.” “I thought she was great; very entertaining – good ideas – kept everyone’s attention.” “Kris was awesome.”

Nebraska Mortgage Association Conference Attendees“Kris reaches the audience at an individual level. Very effective!” “Excellent speaker.” “ Easy to follow along and kept my attention.” “Very inspirational!”

Licensed Practical Nurses Association of Nebraska Board of Directors

“I really like her clear explanations and her “examples” throughout the workshop.” The team shared their ideas, got all of us thinking.” You did a fantastic job” “Outstanding”