Life Coaching for Small Business Owners

Where do you find inspiration to keep your vision of professional success alive?

Are you successful, talented and exhausted?

Is your business getting in the way of your Life?

Are you equipped to deal with the change and complexity
that is ever present?

A small business owner is always resourceful. You have brilliant ideas that you want to take action on and most often do. It’s not uncommon for you to get so wrapped up with work that you let other healthy activities such as down time, family time and social time go by the wayside. You find yourself becoming so busy that overwhelm sets in, frustration levels go up, productivity declines, profits may decline and overall satisfaction diminishes.

This is exactly the time to invest in yourself by hiring a life coach. A life coach provides you with tools that are designed to keep you on track-even when the going gets tough. Tools that are applicable at work and at home. It’s important to have tools that you can use wherever you are.

A coach will guide you towards:

  • better demonstration of your business’s mission, your vision and values.
  • identification of your core strengths and the unique contribution you bring to your business, family and community.
  • a framework/structure from which you can clearly see the current situation and focus appropriate action to produce the intended results.
  • identification of self limiting internal dialogue and how to shift to productive thoughts/behaviors.
  • more efficient use of your time and resources.
  • a greater sense of contribution and investment in your business.
  • defined goals and projects and a clear plan to achieve them.
  • greater clarity, understanding and openness to future possibilities
  •  tools and skill sets that will bring ease into your life at work and at home.

Regardless of where you are in your business, the creation phase or the breakthrough stage, a coach can help you move forward so you can accomplish what you desire with a greater sense of purpose, more focus and less struggle.

The focus is on you, what will bring you the greatest satisfaction and the actions that are needed to bring your ideas and goals into reality.

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