Coaching For Non Profit Organizations

Coaching for Non Profit Organizations

How can our organization be successful during times of change?What will help us continue to produce results that are in alignment with our mission and vision?How can we keep a vital and fresh sense of possibility and promise?How might we empower those around us to develop, such that our organization thrives,no matter what?

Non Profit leadership is a special calling that requires passion, knowledge and curiosity. If you are looking for ways to make positive and uplifting changes in your organization that are in alignment with your mission and vision, I invite you to consider organizational coaching. I offer a unique blend of coaching skills as well as leadership training. I support my clients to clarify what has value and meaning for them. Once that has been discerned, the organization can then focus their resources precisely where it is needed to make the necessary changes. What I’ve seen is that all leaders have dreams, ideas and vision that want to be expressed and as your Coach, it’s my privilege to provide you with tools and skills to bring that vision into reality.

What benefits might my organization experience with organizational coaching and/or leadership training?

  • Effective demonstration of the organization’s mission, vision and values.
  • Moving towards success with more satisfaction and less struggle.
  • Effective leadership and enhanced relationships between people.
  • Better communication skills.
  • Goal setting, projects and a clear plan to achieve them.
  • More efficient use of everyone’s time and resources.
  • A greater sense of contribution and investment in the organization by staff and volunteers.

This is exactly the time to invest in yourself and your organization by hiring an organizational coach. A coach will provide your organization with tools and life skills that are designed to keep you on track-even when the going gets tough. Regardless of where you are in your organization, the creation phase or the breakthrough stage, an organizational coach can help move your non profit organization forward so you can accomplish what you desire with a greater sense of purpose, more focus and less struggle. The focus is on your organization, what actions are needed to guarantee it’s success and produce results in alignment with it’s mission.